Do you keep a journal, but forget to write in it? How often do you take the time to reflect on what you've written? Raconteur solves both problems. Ever wish you could remember what you did on a certain day?

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Raconteur is a simple journal app that reminds you of entries you need to write so you'll never miss a day. With a complete record of your life you'll remember what you did, and you'll never forget your favorite memories.

As you open Raconteur to write today's entry, you'll see what you wrote last year, and the year before that, and so on, inviting you to reflect on your best experiences, and see the progress that you've made over the past several years.

This app fulfills the desire I've always had to write a letter to myself, seal it, and not open it until a year has passed to see how much my life has changed in that time. ★★★★★ — iTunes review, FairyHarpist

With the average printed journal costing $10 and up, a $2.99 app sounds like a bargain—and it is green to boot. Let’s see. If you prorate that $2.99 over a year, it is not quite a penny a day. With all of its benefits, it’s a hard app to pass up for any keen journal-keeper. I look forward to using Raconteur for years to come. 10/10The iPhone App Review

Get Raconteur today and get busy entering your favorite memories so you can enjoy them again and again!


Support & Feature Requests

Community support for Raconteur is available on our Get Satisfaction page. Also, follow @toomuchtea on Twitter for announcements about Raconteur and other Too Much Tea products.


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